The association

The association "Irish Feet Dresden" was founded in September 2004 by Julia Gessner and Roland Holke.

The group started growing, we saw members come and go and established contact with other clubs and learned many new things. We now have about 10 active members and train regularly at the dance schoolDancing Joy’ in Dresden. There we have a large hall of mirrors with parquet flooring and a sound system.

We have extended our knowledge by the help of trained teachers, as for example Tec Dian (ORG, GRG - IDN), Sean Gavan (TCRG - WIDA), Jens Kossack (Irish Dance Instructor) and Anne Brandes (Irish Dance Instructor), Natalie West Deal (Irish Dance Instructor).
We want to preserve Irish traditions and act out our passion for Irish dancing. This also includes Irish music (playing the Celtic harp, violin, accordion, tin whistle).

Being part of our association means more than a weekly training. We participate in Irish dance workshops, meet up for walks or movie nights and play music together. And of course we have fun showing our skills at performances, ...

The most important things for us are to take much pleasure in Irish Dancing and to keep up the fantastic spirit of our group. New members (including beginners) are welcome anytime!

Das sind wir

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